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Hello, welcome and thank you for your interest in my work. Portrait photography and photo reports are my thing, but you might also find the odd landscape and other shenanigans from time to time – learn more in «About». I work with natural light only and I’m highly dedicated to honest pictures. If you look for doctored photographs, you might be at the wrong place. And as a general note: If not stated otherwise, no images are cropped.

Please use the contact form for feedback, questions and comissions. You can find the links to my social profiles in the footer. But to make it even easier for you:

I hope you enjoy my work as I do and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Portrait photography of Annemarie Berlinger-Staub, mayor of Köniz
Annemare Berlinger-Staub, mayor of Köniz – portrait photography for her upcoming election campaign 2021
Portrait photography of Alex von Graffenried, mayor of Berne für the Murifeldbuch 2018
Alec von Graffenried, mayor of the city of Berne. A portrait for my own bookproject in 2018.
Portraitfotografie von Eva Bigler in Bern, Schweiz
Portrait Photography of Michael Castellote in Berne Switzerland
This image is cropped – slightly 😉

Porträt Fotografie im Berner Murifeld für das Murifeldbuch 2018

Porträt Fotografie von Daniel Dreier, Berner Grafiker für ein Interview mit den Swiss Graphic Designers SGD
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