About Manuel Castellote Photography

20 years ago, back in art school, I properly started with photography. Fully analog, with films, in the lab and with a lot of chemistry … But I’ve chosen another direction and eventually became a graphic-designer and illustrator, a copywriter and a specialist in communications. I still am and I love it. But the camera never got out of my hands and – over time and many photographs – I became aware of the quality of my pictures: tiny details a lot of people miss and my ability to portray people in a simple, pure and honest way.

Before you contact me, please keep in mind: I will not edit my photographs to make them what you’d like them to be. There are enough of those supposedly perfect pictures and what defines us are our little defects. Their total is called «character».

This is something to cherish and to be proud of – and not to edit away.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Manuel Castellote Photography, About

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