Annemarie Berlinger-Staub, mayor of the county of Köniz, Switzerland

I got in touch with Annemarie Berlinger-Staub in 2017, when she ran for her first election. Back then I mainly worked for her as a graphic designer mainly and took care of her ads and other medias. She heard that I was now also doing portrait photography now and asked me if I would be interested in making photographs of her for the upcoming election – primarily for her social-media-appearance and the variety of print products. I sure was, and off we went.

Köniz is a huge* municipality that contains a lot of small villages and also has a rather big urban part. Within five hours we visited most of those and I had about 3000 photographs to get through, select from and to edit. The shooting was quite a challenge: changing light situations, the cold and on one hand I had to take close-ups and on the other I had to show Annemarie Berlinger-Staub in different environments. So I mostly used my trusty 50mm for the close-ups and the 24–70mm lens for the documentary part which worked out well.

It was an awesome shooting and I’m very pleased and happy with the results. A lot of politicians use those standard photographs for their campaigns; nicely suited and wrapped with a theatrical smile. We definitely got rid of that and managed to show who she really is: a competent, down-to-earth and approachable person with a great sense of humor. I don’t live in Köniz anymore so I’m not able to vote for her. But I definitely would and I’ll make sure she’ll get all the support I can muster.

Thanks a lot Annemarie and Käthi for this awesome shooting – it was a pleasure, perfectly organized and overall an awesome experience.

* huge for Swiss standards 😉

Annemarie Berlinger-Staub at the entrance of the community center of Köniz, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie at the former area of the Gurtenbrauerei in Wabern, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie Berlinger-Staub at the «Zündhölzli» a school in Wabern, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie at the «Zündhölzli» a school in Wabern, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie at the «Zündhölzli» a school in Wabern, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie at a fireplace in the county of Köniz, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie at the Vidmarhallen in Köniz, Portrait Photograph
Annemarie Berlinger-Staub in her office at the Gemeindehaus in Köniz, Portrait Photograph

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