Michael Castellote. Portrait Photography in Bern, Switzerland

Michael is my awesome brother. He hates being portrayed with a passion and is deeply annoyed by it. I mean really, and I’m used to working with camera-shy people. He came for a visit and I told him that I wanted some more portrait-content for the launch of my website. I didn’t even dare to ask him for it. But he said that’d be fun and he’d be up for it. So off we went for a short walk in Bern with my camera and the nifty fifty (50mm lens).

Thanks a lot Michael! I hope you are happy with the results and that it wasn’t that much of a pain. 😛

Portrait-Photography of Michael. Still on the warm-up, hence the sceptical look.
This image is cropped.
Portrait Photography of Michael Castellote, nice indirect light, focus on point and a lovely expression. My favourite shot of this session.
This image is cropped.
Michael Castellote at the Ostring in Bern. Indirect light and a cursing granny included. She didn't like a photoshooting in front of her kitchen window for some reason.
This image is cropped.
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