Street photography – captures from October to December 2020

My focus is clearly on portrait photography and photo reportage. But since September I always carry my little camera with me – and because I’m walking a lot, a lot of street photography is inevitable. Here is a short explanation of what this genre of photography is about and a small selection of my work created during this time.

Street photography as a genre is flexible – there are different interpretations and opinions about it. At the core, however, is undoubtedly the human and his environment. Although the presence of people is not necessarily mandatory and can also be suggested by unambiguous objects related to humans – according to Wikipedia that is. So in principle, an immense part of was photographed could be street photography in some way or the other.

It’s highly popular among the photo community due to it’s approachability, I mean, just go out and take pictures, right?

But the topic also causes discussions: Often people are photographed without their knowledge and the images are published without their consent. The legal situation varies in many countries, but to me personality rights are important and I usually just solve the problem by making sure that the people in my photographs are not recognizable. They are either very small, in high contrast or blurred through movement, so their faces are not visible.

But enough of the words and off to the pictures I’d say. Thanks for your read and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I published those on my Instagram-Account. So the proportions were set accordingly and every image is cropped. Just for the record 😉

Street photography in Berne, Switzerland. A man passing at he end of a subway.
Street photography: Two people passing a bridge in Schöngrün, Berne, Switzerland
Tilt-shift photograph. A motorcycle blurred out and a person waling into the photograph.
Street photography in Berne, Switzerland. A woman passing on the side of the Stadttheater Bern
A rower on the Wohlensee with a brigde in the background, Wohlen, Berne, Switzerland
A pond upside down. Street photography in Schöngrün close to Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne, Switzerland
Street photography: A person passing in front of the Einsteinmuseum in Berne, Switzerland. The building in the background is the Kunsthalle.
Two old people with a Stroller on a pond in Berne, Switzerland.
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